I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords


It seems like they’re everywhere these days.  Washing our cars, policing our streets, even entertaining our cats!

I’ll tell you, life sure was easier without them.  Not in a literal sense, because who would vacuum the carpet?!  But in a thoughtless, preachy, I-have-a-blurb-to-write sense, which I think is more meaningful.

But we know what the future looks like.

And we’re nothing if not attuned to the way the winds are blowing, so we’ve decided to jump ahead of the curve and curry some favor before everyone gets on the killbot bandwagon.   We have a variety of options for the discerning robot, including t-shirts, ties, mugs, and cards featuring this vision of NEXT YEAR:


For the robot on the domestic front, we have this t-shirt of a robot doing his grocery shopping (I think we captured this terminator’s likeness perfectly):


It’s certain to persuade those meddlesome meatbags that you can be trusted with their EMP pulse generator, because no reason, you’re just curious about what’s inside, and you definitely won’t smash it beneath your mighty robo-feet.

If they’re still not persuaded, just hit them with this second robot grocery-store related item, a tote bag!  It’s a design so nice we accidentally made it twice.


[Ed. note:  The best part of this post is that we somehow got to re-use the grocery-related designs” tag]


Ford That River

If you grew up when we did, playing Oregon Trail was pretty much mandatory.  At least we learned a lot of survival skills from our play:  ammo is more important than food; rabbits are impossible to shoot; and there is no way to get a wagon across a stream without potentially killing somebody.  In fact, you pretty much can’t do anything without potentially killing somebody.

Well, we made a series of designs reflecting some of our favorite Oregon Trail moments.  There’s the “Rampage” (don’t pretend like you haven’t done it):


(available as a dark t-shirt, light t-shirtmouse pad, mug, notebook, bag, and playing cards)

The “Superman” (no human could manage such a feat!):


(available as a colored t-shirt, white t-shirtapron, bag, and bumper sticker)

And the “Inevitable” (sorry about the cholera):


(make and customize your t-shirt here)

Get yourself some classic Oregon Trail gear, and don’t forget to pour a little out for all those buffalo left along the way.


Beach Fingerprint Balloon Guestbook

We live in New York City, where beaches are few and far between.   And unless you like cold water, they aren’t much fun for most of the year anyway.  But I’ve been to some great beaches in other parts of the world – beaches you might actually want to get married on – which is why we understood when someone* requested a beach version of our popular Fingerprint Balloon Couple Guestbook.

Heather put together a beautiful design featuring sand, waves, and the happy couple flying off into the sky together.  We hope you like it!


* An Australian.  They have the best beaches!


Loose Seal!

[Ed. note:  We are enormous fans of Arrested Development.  We apologize in advance for the number of show references we are about to make.]


The Arrested Development chicken dance is one of its best gags.


We  love it so much that we made a design showing off each family member’s signature move, available on t-shirtsmugsmouse pads, and ties:


Maybe you could wear a tie to your new job as Mr. Manager?  (We just say manager.)  Or even better, show up in this spiffy t-shirt with this spiffy mug.  You’re Mr. Manager now: the choice is up to you.


And last, but not least, it’s The Final Countdown.  (Doo do doo do, do do doo do do.)  Wearing this shirt can give anyone the illusion of success, since it has the kind of style you otherwise can only get from wearing a $3,000 suit.  C’mon!  Buy one.


And that’s why… you always buy Arrested Development products.


I Wish…

We all have something about us that we wish was different.  Maybe you’re too tall or too skinny or too in love with sloths* to feel comfortable with yourself, and you just wish you could make a change.

That’s ok!  We’re dreamers too here at Nothing-Mundane.  That’s why one of our favorite old-school jams is Skee-Lo’s “I Wish,” and that’s why we made this design.


Available on t-shirts or a mousepad.


* Just kidding, you can’t actually be too in love with sloths.  They are adorable.  We saw some at the Costa Rican sloth sanctuary and Jake’s mom made some Zazzle products out of the photos she took.  We’re like a Zazzle family band!


Aisle 3

Before Heather was a renowned Zazzle image-smith, she was a college student who made awesome art for fun.  (Also, to satisfy degree requirements.)  This poster was originally made as a woodblock print, which means it was carved out of wood and then ink was applied and then some other stuff happened and then we had a poster to hang in our apartment.

You should probably get the details from her.

Anyway, it is a super cool design and we’re proud to offer it as a poster option on Zazzle.  Several of our friends have bought one and it looks great in person!  Very colorful and fun, and no wood carving required.



Fingerprint Balloon Couple Guestbook

We’ve had a lot of success with our Fingerprint Tree guestbook, but there’s lots of other options too.  One of our favorites is the Fingerprint Balloon Couple guestbook series, which features a silhouette of newlyweds about to fly away:


We really love the imagery of your friends and family helping lift you up.  Marriage is an exciting new adventure, and your loved ones are always there to give you a hand (or maybe just a finger).  With the Fingerprint Balloon guestbooks, you’ll have a guestbook that you will really love and can proudly display for a lifetime.

This guestbook is available in black and white or color on poster paper wrapped canvas, and wood.  And if you’re having a beach wedding, check out our new Beach Fingerprint Balloon Couple guestbook.

For help with sizing, customizing, and using the Fingerprint Balloon guestbook, please see our instructions page.