Our New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year from Nothing Mundane!  Hope you celebrated in the finest style.  As New York City residents, we of course headed to Times Square to stand next to the tourists in the freezing cold for eleven hours.

Or, more accurately, we stayed at home and got drunk while interacting with as few other humans as possible.  Things got interesting.



Wanna Cook?

It’s the end of the summer, which means the days are cooling off and the nights are… also cooling off. Despite our love of the holidays, it’s a bit of a drag. But there’s still time for one last hurrah!

In that spirit, let’s transition seamlessly to something which has to do with a product we made.  Did you know that you should store papayas on the counter and that they are a high ethylene gas producer?

Lots of other fruits do this too.  In fact, the science of produce storage is so complex that we fit it onto a 4×6 magnet for your fridge!

Actually, that doesn’t seem that complex.  So we also made a cheat sheet for measurement unit conversions, because this is America and these colors don’t metric system!

Our measurement and produce storage magnets fit nicely onto your refrigerator and can withstand literally millions of referential glances.  And if you’re more of the antihero type, we also have a “dark” version of the produce storage magnet.

So grab a set, and your supply can be as fresh as your cooking is meticulous.  You can take our word for it:  these designs are so handy we already snagged some for ourselves.


A Universal Card For An Uncertain Universe

We have a new product, and at the risk of seeming hubristic, it is the greatest thing to ever exist in the world.

Behold: the Nothing Mundane Universal Card!

The Nothing Mundane Universal Card frees you from the shackles of dischoosing, putting you in the driver’s seat to self-realization.   It’s also perfect for figuratively all occasions, whether a birthday, wedding, valentine’s day, or Tuesday.  You can express every emotion that matters, betray humanity to the robots, and use pronouns – truly, the universe of human experience.

If you are like us, you are unable to plan for important dates more than zero days in advance.   Well, just buy a bunch of these babies (babies are traditionally sold in bunches), and rather than cop to forgetting your 25th anniversary, you can just claim you left the card in your desk – then return a conquering hero.  (Note: do not forget your 25th anniversary.)

But wait, there’s more!  To promote the universal card, we made an online Choose Your Own Adventure game.  It is short, absurd, and we guarantee (no we don’t) it will be worth the few minutes of your time it will take to complete.

Plus, we scattered baby animal pictures throughout because puppies.

Begin your adventure here!