About Us

The seeds of Nothing Mundane were sown in 2011 after uploading graphic designs to Zazzle, a print-on-demand website. The designs were originally used for our very DIY wedding, and after a few months, we decided to make our wedding designs available for sale online. A short while later we discovered that other people, strangers from the internet, not obliging friends or relatives, were actually interested in, and purchasing, our designs!

The designs that kick-started our online presence were our fingerprint tree guestbook (based on the one we used at our wedding), and state invitations. Since then, we’ve been adding new designs across all genres, and found a better way to show our stuff off: our own website, nothing-mundane.com

Previously, Nothing Mundane operated out of NYC, but we have since gone nomad!  In July 2015, we quit our jobs to spend a year traveling the United States.  We have been exploring in a motorhome and creating cool designs along the way ever since.

Today, Nothing Mundane is like an Internet-era version of the traveling family band:  Heather creates all of the awesome designs and makes the website look pretty, and Jake deals with anything that involves the word “database” or “support ticket.”

If you have any questions, requests for a custom design, or just want to chat, please feel free to contact us.  If you’d like to follow along on our adventure, check out our travelogues on our blog and our roadtrip page, or feel free to follow us on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.  We hope you enjoy our site and work!


Heather and Jake