Fingerprint Tree Guestbook

Our beautiful fingerprint tree guestbook is a fun, inexpensive, and modern way to remember your wedding or special event!

Here’s how it works: during the event, each guest “leaves” a fingerprint on the guestbook and signs their name to it.  When you’re done, you end up with a wonderful record which also makes a beautiful piece of art for your wall.  You probably won’t flip through a traditional guestbook too many times, but a fingerprint guestbook is sure be viewed for years to come.

For more information, please check out our complete “how-to” instructional guide for fingerprint guestbooks.

Design Options

Our guestbooks start at just $20 USD!  And thanks to Zazzle‘s innovative print-on-demand service, we are able to offer a variety of color, size, paper, framing, and design choices, so you’re sure to find the guestbook that’s perfect for you.  Just click on the pictures above to see the options for that design.

Want a little extra personalization?  We now offer custom designs starting at just $50.  We can do almost anything; as an example, one customer had her beloved dog added onto our classic fingerprint guestbook!  The only limit is your imagination.

Paper Types & Sizes

Zazzle makes it easy to change paper sizes and types, or add a frame – just follow the links above.  However, we know that there are so many options that it can get confusing, so here’s some suggestions to help you get started.  For more information on these and other topics, please check out our “how to” fingerprint guestbook guide!

Paper type:  Use a matte paper type to avoid smearing.  The value paper is a great deal, while the archival paper or canvas will hold fine detail best.

Paper size:  We recommend a 16×20 canvas for up to 100 guests, and an 18×24 canvas for 100-150 guests.  Size up or down from there.  For very large events, consider adding a second tree, rather than having a single huge one.  It will help the signing line move more quickly!

Framing:  You can add a sized frame to your order easily using Zazzle.  There’s no right or wrong answer as to color and style, so consider checking with a local art or frame store.  If you’re unsure, we recommend a black frame with a medium white matte.

Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact us!

Real Customer Reviews

We’ve had over 1,000 satisfied customers to date!  Here’s a sampling of real five-star customer reviews of our classic brown fingerprint tree guestbook on Zazzle:

“Loved it and its exactly what we wanted….something different and unique! A great keep sake!!”  – Lala
Great!!! Love it, Guests still rave about it.
“I ordered this for my daughter’s sweet sixteen which her theme was alice in wonderland. I was a little hesitant given the price and what it was for, but I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at the end product. I received it as promised. It hangs lovingly in my daughter’s room as a memoir of her fabulous sweet 16 party.”  – Judy
Cute yet Economical Fingerprint Tree
“Fingerprint Trees seem to cost a lot of money, especially from etsy and websites like that. Of course they are hand-made, but my fiance and I fell in love with this tree! It looks ‘organic’ and sketchy, and we were able to get a tree for 120-150 people for $25!”  – Madi P.

Awesome Add-Ons

These themed additions are the perfect accompaniment to your fingerprint guestbook tree!  To see all of our wedding designs, please click here.

Don’t leave it up to Uncle Jerry’s best guess!  Let your guests know where to put their fingerprints and what to write.

A beautiful, inexpensive way to postmark your invitations.

Carved Tree
Stationery Collection

We think these invitations, save-the-dates, and stamps are tree-mendous!  (Sorry.)

Small Necessities

We recommend you purchase archival-quality inks and pens to ensure you get the most out of your guestbook, and of course, you can’t forget the finger wipes!   We unfortunately cannot package our guestbooks with ink, pens, or wet wipes through Zazzle, but here’s a few great products you can purchase through Amazon.  Once again, for more information on these and other topics (including ink color recommendations), please check out our “how to” fingerprint guestbook guide!

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