Fingerprint Baby Shower Guestbooks

A friend of ours suggested this idea and we loved it right away.  For those who are celebrating (or soon to be celebrating) a brand new baby, we made an adorable fingerprint tree which is perfect for a baby shower.   (Judging by our Facebook feeds, every person we know falls into this category.)  It’s a unique and fun way for your friends and relatives to commemorate the newest member of your family.

We have two different designs.  This first has a tree and bunny theme, and like our classic fingerprint tree wedding guestbooks, is available with or without a colored background.  


We also have a baby shower guestbook which is reminiscent of our fingerprint balloon couple (or maybe the fingerprint balloon house).  The balloon bassinet is available in pink, blue, yellow or green.


A fingerprint baby shower guestbook is a beautiful way to remember when your little one came into the world, and unlike a traditional guestbook, you’ll want to hang it up on the wall and see it every day.  With so many things to prepare for as your new baby arrives, it’s nice knowing you’ll have at least one thing that definitely rocks!



Fingerprint Balloon House Guestbook

For those whose wedding date has already passed, but who still want a fingerprint guestbook of their own, we’ve got an option you might want to consider: the Fingerprint Balloon House.  You just need to purchase and move into a new home first, but really, that’s a small price to pay for something so memorable!


Of course, it’s perfectly appropriate for a wedding guestbook too.  The Fingerprint Balloon House guestbook comes on poster paper or canvas in several different colors, and can be sized to fit the number of guests at your housewarming, wedding, or adventure club meeting.  (See our instructions for customizing, sizing, and using a fingerprint guestbook here.)  It’s unique and memorable, and your friends and family are going to love knowing that they’re a part of it.

By the way, in case you were wondering, this is not remotely similar to nor inspired by any copyrighted animated feature films.  It’s’ just something you can proudly hang in your home for years to com-




Beach Fingerprint Balloon Guestbook

We live in New York City, where beaches are few and far between.   And unless you like cold water, they aren’t much fun for most of the year anyway.  But I’ve been to some great beaches in other parts of the world – beaches you might actually want to get married on – which is why we understood when someone* requested a beach version of our popular Fingerprint Balloon Couple Guestbook.

Heather put together a beautiful design featuring sand, waves, and the happy couple flying off into the sky together.  We hope you like it!


* An Australian.  They have the best beaches!


Fingerprint Balloon Couple Guestbook

We’ve had a lot of success with our Fingerprint Tree guestbook, but there’s lots of other options too.  One of our favorites is the Fingerprint Balloon Couple guestbook series, which features a silhouette of newlyweds about to fly away:


We really love the imagery of your friends and family helping lift you up.  Marriage is an exciting new adventure, and your loved ones are always there to give you a hand (or maybe just a finger).  With the Fingerprint Balloon guestbooks, you’ll have a guestbook that you will really love and can proudly display for a lifetime.

This guestbook is available in black and white or color on poster paper wrapped canvas, and wood.  And if you’re having a beach wedding, check out our new Beach Fingerprint Balloon Couple guestbook.

For help with sizing, customizing, and using the Fingerprint Balloon guestbook, please see our instructions page.


Fingerprint Tree Guestbooks

A few years ago, we were scouring the internet for unique wedding ideas.  We found that one of the most – ahem – mundane traditions was the guestbook.  While we wanted a  record of wedding attendees, we knew that a traditional guestbook would be stored in a box, and only looked at maybe once every five years.  The solution?  A Fingerprint Tree Guestbook.


Now a popular alternative to traditional guestbooks, a fingerprint tree functions as a guestbook and as an attractive piece of art.  Each guest “leaves” a fingerprint (leaf) to the tree and signs their name to it.  All you need are a few ink pads to complete the tree (see our Fingerprint Guestbook How-To Guide for more ink recommendations!).  Pick up a couple of shades of green for a summer wedding, or get some red, yellow and orange ink pads for a fall wedding.  We made one for our own wedding and it turned out great – it’s hanging on our wall right now.


We offer several different types of fingerprint trees for sale on Zazzle, based on the design we used for our own wedding.  Available on various types of paper, or as a wrapped canvas, the tree can be printed for weddings of any size (we recommend a 16×20 canvas for up to 100 guests, and an 18×24 canvas for 100-150 guests).   It’s extremely customizable, and can be framed right through Zazzle.  Zazzle manufactures them all over the world, including Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia, and most products ship within 24 hours!


We’ve sold hundreds of fingerprint trees through Zazzle, and received uniformly great reviews.   And we know how much a wedding can cost, but you don’t have to break the bank:  in the U.S., they run about $30 for the poster paper and $150 for the wrapped canvas.  It’s a small investment for something you’ll be proud to display for the rest of your life.  

For more information, see our instructions for customizing, sizing, and using the Fingerprint Tree.