Fingerprint Guestbooks

Fingerprint guestbooks are a fun, modern, and increasingly popular alternative to traditional guestbooks.   The idea is simple:  Each guest “leaves” a fingerprint (leaf or balloon, depending on the type) on the guestbook and signs their name to it.  When you’re done, you end up with a wonderful record which also makes a beautiful piece of art for your wall.  You probably won’t flip through a traditional guestbook too many times, but a fingerprint guestbook will be viewed for years to come.  We had one at our wedding and it is truly one of our favorite keepsakes.

Design Options

We offer four categories of fingerprint guestbooks, all starting at around $20 USD.  Our guestbooks are sold in partnership with Zazzle, an innovative “print on demand” service that offers amazing customization of paper types, sizing, fonts, colors, images, and more, all at unbeatable prices.

Just click on the pictures below to see the options for that design.  And if you want a little extra personalization, we now offer custom designs at a reasonable price.  For more information on fingerprint guestbooks, please be sure check out our complete “how-to” instructional guide!

Fingerprint tree guestbooks are our most popular product. We’ve sold more than a thousand of them through Zazzle, and received uniformly great reviews. This classic design is based on the guestbook from our own wedding, and we offer several different varieties.  Perfect for weddings or events of any kind!

Our “Adventure Together” Fingerprint Guestbooks are perfect for a wedding, engagement, or other special event. For a different take on the fingerprint guestbook, we re-imagined the fingerprint “leaves” as balloons, adding a fun, adventurous vibe that is sure to be a hit! And while we love the beach theme, you don’t need to be near the ocean to use this guestbook – we offer versions with and without the background.

Our “Up and Away” Fingerprint Balloon House Guestbooks maintain the fun, adventurous vibe of our “Adventure Together” series, but with a spotlight on the home. These guestbooks are perfect for a wedding, housewarming, goodbye party, or any other special event you will want to remember.

Interested in a design using your own house instead?  Contact us!  We do custom designs.

A friend of ours suggested this idea and we loved it right away. If you or someone you know is welcoming a new addition to the family, our Baby Shower Fingerprint Guestbooks are the perfect way to celebrate! We offer two designs, one with the bassinet and balloons (multiple color options), and one with a fingerprint tree and bunny theme. So adorable!

Real Customer Reviews

We’ve had thousands of satisfied customers to date!  Here’s a sampling of real five-star customer reviews of our Classic Fingerprint Tree Guestbook and Adventure Together Fingerprint Balloon Guestbooks on Zazzle:

Cute yet Economical Fingerprint Tree
“Fingerprint Trees seem to cost a lot of money, especially from etsy and websites like that. Of course they are hand-made, but my fiance and I fell in love with this tree! It looks ‘organic’ and sketchy, and we were able to get a tree for 120-150 people for $25!”  – Madi P.
“Excellent product blew me away when I saw the quality of it. Excellent customer service I will be recommending this to my friends who are also getting married shortly. Couldn’t be happier.”  – Kerri
Great!!! Love it, Guests still rave about it.
“I ordered this for my daughter’s sweet sixteen which her theme was alice in wonderland. I was a little hesitant given the price and what it was for, but I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at the end product. I received it as promised. It hangs lovingly in my daughter’s room as a memoir of her fabulous sweet 16 party.”  – Judy
“I was looking for something unique to give the bride at her bridal shower and I came upon the Fingerprint Guestbook series. The beach one was the perfect one for the bride and groom and was the hit of the bridal shower for its unique idea, charm and beauty. The bride is going to have it on display at the reception where everyone can leave their fingerprints as a permanent reminder of her special day. Just one of the best gifts I’ve ever bought!” – Jack

Awesome Add-Ons

This instruction card is the perfect accompaniment to your fingerprint guestbook! To see all of our wedding designs, please click here.

Don’t leave it up to Uncle Jerry’s best guess! Let your guests know where to put their fingerprints and what to write.

Small Necessities

We recommend you purchase archival-quality inks and pens to ensure you get the most out of your guestbook, and of course, you can’t forget the finger wipes!   We unfortunately cannot package our guestbooks with ink, pens, or wet wipes through Zazzle, but here’s a few great products you can purchase through Amazon.  Once again, for more information on these and other topics (including ink color recommendations), please check out our “how to” fingerprint guestbook guide!