Wanna Cook?

It’s the end of the summer, which means the days are cooling off and the nights are… also cooling off. Despite our love of the holidays, it’s a bit of a drag. But there’s still time for one last hurrah!

In that spirit, let’s transition seamlessly to something which has to do with a product we made.  Did you know that you should store papayas on the counter and that they are a high ethylene gas producer?

Lots of other fruits do this too.  In fact, the science of produce storage is so complex that we fit it onto a 4×6 magnet for your fridge!

Actually, that doesn’t seem that complex.  So we also made a cheat sheet for measurement unit conversions, because this is America and these colors don’t metric system!

Our measurement and produce storage magnets fit nicely onto your refrigerator and can withstand literally millions of referential glances.  And if you’re more of the antihero type, we also have a “dark” version of the produce storage magnet.

So grab a set, and your supply can be as fresh as your cooking is meticulous.  You can take our word for it:  these designs are so handy we already snagged some for ourselves.


I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords


It seems like they’re everywhere these days.  Washing our cars, policing our streets, even entertaining our cats!

I’ll tell you, life sure was easier without them.  Not in a literal sense, because who would vacuum the carpet?!  But in a thoughtless, preachy, I-have-a-blurb-to-write sense, which I think is more meaningful.

But we know what the future looks like.

And we’re nothing if not attuned to the way the winds are blowing, so we’ve decided to jump ahead of the curve and curry some favor before everyone gets on the killbot bandwagon.   We have a variety of options for the discerning robot, including t-shirts, ties, mugs, and cards featuring this vision of NEXT YEAR:


For the robot on the domestic front, we have this t-shirt of a robot doing his grocery shopping (I think we captured this terminator’s likeness perfectly):


It’s certain to persuade those meddlesome meatbags that you can be trusted with their EMP pulse generator, because no reason, you’re just curious about what’s inside, and you definitely won’t smash it beneath your mighty robo-feet.

If they’re still not persuaded, just hit them with this second robot grocery-store related item, a tote bag!  It’s a design so nice we accidentally made it twice.


[Ed. note:  The best part of this post is that we somehow got to re-use the grocery-related designs” tag]