A Note Regarding The Lack Of Notes

Thanks to the relentless power of “computers remembering things,” we can see that it has now been approximately three months since our last post.  As this website is only four months old, we consider that a fairly impressive accomplishment.  As explanation and apology for our sloth, please accept this gif.

The baby represents our enthusiasm for making posts. The dog represents sleepiness. The other dog can be, I don’t know, Obamacare?  Or maybe sleepiness also.

In any event, consider this your  warning:  Posts are coming.  


Food Fight

In our modern, workaday, jet-setting, go-go-90s lives, it’s customary to think of food as something that just appears in supermarkets and restaurants on command.  It’s just there when you want it, as normal and blasé as perfect interior temperature control or a pocket computer which can contact anyone in the world in seconds.  I click a few buttons on the Internet and a half-hour later someone hands me a bag of food and leaves:  YAWN.  

Food is safe, boring, normcore.

Yeah, he’s vegetable man

We’re sick of it, and so we came up with some new prints to help bring back a little bit of that old-school, hunter-gatherer edge to the kitchen.  You know what pairs well with a pork tenderloin?  Menace.* 


Links (open in new window):

Pair them with one of our robot grocery tote bags for twice the terror.  Good thing you’re cooking with a knife in your hand; I hope nothing else goes wrong.

* Menace, and Simpsons jokes.


Fingerprint Baby Shower Guestbooks

A friend of ours suggested this idea and we loved it right away.  For those who are celebrating (or soon to be celebrating) a brand new baby, we made an adorable fingerprint tree which is perfect for a baby shower.   (Judging by our Facebook feeds, every person we know falls into this category.)  It’s a unique and fun way for your friends and relatives to commemorate the newest member of your family.

We have two different designs.  This first has a tree and bunny theme, and like our classic fingerprint tree wedding guestbooks, is available with or without a colored background.  


We also have a baby shower guestbook which is reminiscent of our fingerprint balloon couple (or maybe the fingerprint balloon house).  The balloon bassinet is available in pink, blue, yellow or green.


A fingerprint baby shower guestbook is a beautiful way to remember when your little one came into the world, and unlike a traditional guestbook, you’ll want to hang it up on the wall and see it every day.  With so many things to prepare for as your new baby arrives, it’s nice knowing you’ll have at least one thing that definitely rocks!



We’ll Live Like Kings

If there is one thing that more than three decades of life has made indisputably clear for me, it’s this:  I don’t want to have to get up.  And since I haven’t yet mastered Homer Simpson’s move…

the only rational conclusion is that some sort of ambulatory assistant is essential.  However, as previously established, I don’t trust robots, even robot housekeepers.

Plus, the cost of oil these days!  It just doesn’t fit in the budget.  But there’s one choice that is both adorable AND willing to work for fruit:  monkey butlers.*

How many monkey butlers will there be? One at first, but he’ll train others.

Our newest design will class up your life and help you dream really, really small.  Available  as a poster, t-shirt, or phone case.  It’s alright.

* An anthropologist sister of mine tells me this is a chimpanzee, and that chimps are apes, not monkeys.  This is an important distinction that I definitely care about even a tiny bit, so please feel free to imagine the “The More You Know” rainbow and music in your head.  This post already has enough irrelevant graphics.  


This Is What Happens, Larry

Sometimes there’s a man… I won’t say a hero, ’cause, what’s a hero? But sometimes, there’s a man. And I’m talkin’ about the Dude here. Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the Dude, in Los Angeles.

From one of our favorite movies of all time, we’ve got a new design lamenting an iconic tragedy.  We’re talking about drawing a line in the sand here!  Across which you DO NOT-

Well, I guess what we’re saying is:


Available as a print here.

Even better, we’ve reworked the quote a little to fit onto a card for that special someone you care about, whether it’s a bowling buddy, a redheaded lover, or a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever:


The inside can be customized to your liking.  Some suggestions from Nothing-Mundane:

    • Get well soon!
    • Thinking of you!
    • Coitus?

And if you don’t like this design…


I guess that’s the way the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin’ itself.


Fingerprint Balloon House Guestbook

For those whose wedding date has already passed, but who still want a fingerprint guestbook of their own, we’ve got an option you might want to consider: the Fingerprint Balloon House.  You just need to purchase and move into a new home first, but really, that’s a small price to pay for something so memorable!


Of course, it’s perfectly appropriate for a wedding guestbook too.  The Fingerprint Balloon House guestbook comes on poster paper or canvas in several different colors, and can be sized to fit the number of guests at your housewarming, wedding, or adventure club meeting.  (See our instructions for customizing, sizing, and using a fingerprint guestbook here.)  It’s unique and memorable, and your friends and family are going to love knowing that they’re a part of it.

By the way, in case you were wondering, this is not remotely similar to nor inspired by any copyrighted animated feature films.  It’s’ just something you can proudly hang in your home for years to com-