Ford That River

If you grew up when we did, playing Oregon Trail was pretty much mandatory.  At least we learned a lot of survival skills from our play:  ammo is more important than food; rabbits are impossible to shoot; and there is no way to get a wagon across a stream without potentially killing somebody.  In fact, you pretty much can’t do anything without potentially killing somebody.

Well, we made a series of designs reflecting some of our favorite Oregon Trail moments.  There’s the “Rampage” (don’t pretend like you haven’t done it):


(available as a dark t-shirt, light t-shirtmouse pad, mug, notebook, bag, and playing cards)

The “Superman” (no human could manage such a feat!):


(available as a colored t-shirt, white t-shirtapron, bag, and bumper sticker)

And the “Inevitable” (sorry about the cholera):


(make and customize your t-shirt here)

Get yourself some classic Oregon Trail gear, and don’t forget to pour a little out for all those buffalo left along the way.

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