We have a variety of wedding designs to help ensure your big day is as beautiful and memorable as it can be.  For more information on our designs, please click below.

Fingerprint Guestbooks

Fingerprint guestbooks are a fun, modern, and increasingly popular alternative to traditional guestbooks.   The idea is simple:  Each guest “leaves” a fingerprint (leaf or balloon, depending on the type) on the guestbook and signs their name to it.  When you’re done, you end up with a wonderful record which also makes a beautiful piece of art for your wall.  You probably won’t flip through a traditional guestbook too many times, but a fingerprint guestbook will be viewed for years to come.

We have a variety of fingerprint guestbooks that are perfect for any wedding.  To see them all, click here.

State-Specific Invitations

Our most popular wedding invitations / save the dates and stamps, these state-specific designs are perfect for a destination wedding or a wedding at your favorite destination!  Everything on the invitation can be customized, from the font to the color palette, and the heart can be placed over whatever spot is special for you.  We have designs for all 50 states and Australia.

Customizable World Map Invitations

For those that don’t live in the United States or Australia, but do live on Earth, we have got a version of our state-specific cards with international flair.  Just like our state cards, invitations, and stamps, this design allows you to move the hearts to show where you’re from or where you’ll be!

Champagne Toast

Cheers!  These fun champagne toast invitations, stamps, RSVP cards, and seals look great and are modeled after our own save the date design!