Coffee coffee coffee

Mmm coffee.  Coffee is good.  We like coffee.  Coffee coffee coffee.

Speaking of coffee:  one of our only sisters or in-laws has a Ph.D. (for real) in coffee (ish).  She has a Kickstarter for a film she wants to make called Ground.  It basically follows the origin of how a plant becomes delicious go-go juice.



Wanna Cook?

It’s the end of the summer, which means the days are cooling off and the nights are… also cooling off. Despite our love of the holidays, it’s a bit of a drag. But there’s still time for one last hurrah!

In that spirit, let’s transition seamlessly to something which has to do with a product we made.  Did you know that you should store papayas on the counter and that they are a high ethylene gas producer?

Lots of other fruits do this too.  In fact, the science of produce storage is so complex that we fit it onto a 4×6 magnet for your fridge!

Actually, that doesn’t seem that complex.  So we also made a cheat sheet for measurement unit conversions, because this is America and these colors don’t metric system!

Our measurement and produce storage magnets fit nicely onto your refrigerator and can withstand literally millions of referential glances.  And if you’re more of the antihero type, we also have a “dark” version of the produce storage magnet.

So grab a set, and your supply can be as fresh as your cooking is meticulous.  You can take our word for it:  these designs are so handy we already snagged some for ourselves.


Food Fight

In our modern, workaday, jet-setting, go-go-90s lives, it’s customary to think of food as something that just appears in supermarkets and restaurants on command.  It’s just there when you want it, as normal and blasé as perfect interior temperature control or a pocket computer which can contact anyone in the world in seconds.  I click a few buttons on the Internet and a half-hour later someone hands me a bag of food and leaves:  YAWN.  

Food is safe, boring, normcore.

Yeah, he’s vegetable man

We’re sick of it, and so we came up with some new prints to help bring back a little bit of that old-school, hunter-gatherer edge to the kitchen.  You know what pairs well with a pork tenderloin?  Menace.* 


Links (open in new window):

Pair them with one of our robot grocery tote bags for twice the terror.  Good thing you’re cooking with a knife in your hand; I hope nothing else goes wrong.

* Menace, and Simpsons jokes.


Fingerprint Baby Shower Guestbooks

A friend of ours suggested this idea and we loved it right away.  For those who are celebrating (or soon to be celebrating) a brand new baby, we made an adorable fingerprint tree which is perfect for a baby shower.   (Judging by our Facebook feeds, every person we know falls into this category.)  It’s a unique and fun way for your friends and relatives to commemorate the newest member of your family.

We have two different designs.  This first has a tree and bunny theme, and like our classic fingerprint tree wedding guestbooks, is available with or without a colored background.  


We also have a baby shower guestbook which is reminiscent of our fingerprint balloon couple (or maybe the fingerprint balloon house).  The balloon bassinet is available in pink, blue, yellow or green.


A fingerprint baby shower guestbook is a beautiful way to remember when your little one came into the world, and unlike a traditional guestbook, you’ll want to hang it up on the wall and see it every day.  With so many things to prepare for as your new baby arrives, it’s nice knowing you’ll have at least one thing that definitely rocks!