Fingerprint Baby Shower Guestbooks

A friend of ours suggested this idea and we loved it right away.  For those who are celebrating (or soon to be celebrating) a brand new baby, we made an adorable fingerprint tree which is perfect for a baby shower.   (Judging by our Facebook feeds, every person we know falls into this category.)  It’s a unique and fun way for your friends and relatives to commemorate the newest member of your family.

We have two different designs.  This first has a tree and bunny theme, and like our classic fingerprint tree wedding guestbooks, is available with or without a colored background.  


We also have a baby shower guestbook which is reminiscent of our fingerprint balloon couple (or maybe the fingerprint balloon house).  The balloon bassinet is available in pink, blue, yellow or green.


A fingerprint baby shower guestbook is a beautiful way to remember when your little one came into the world, and unlike a traditional guestbook, you’ll want to hang it up on the wall and see it every day.  With so many things to prepare for as your new baby arrives, it’s nice knowing you’ll have at least one thing that definitely rocks!


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