Opening Lines

On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?


That dude is super free.

You can admit, ladies, that approach had you swooning a little.  And while we doubt that anyone could top that pick-up line, we’ve found some pretty good opening lines of our own.  They might not work as well on that cute Wal-Mart cashier in the stirrup pants, but these lovely typographic prints will certainly catch your attention.


Apropos of nothing, did you know that short portions of song lyrics are not generally protected by copyright?

Look “behind” the bold text at the background and you might catch some additional, subtle references.  In case you don’t recognize any of these chart toppers (usually due to retrograde amnesia that has caused you to forget that you are your own father), here’s the source material:

Grab yours here.

Love the print, but worried that it won’t do enough to keep local deadbeats out of your town?  As always, Nothing Mundane has you covered.


Typographic mugs, truly the Swiss Army knife of beverage containers.  If you throw all of them fast enough, you can make a rainbow!


To carry all your throwing mugs, and technically other things as well, we made some similar designs for tote bags.


Yes, Becky, tote bags!  You can find further design iterations of these opening lines, including MAGNETS (how do they work?), right here.

[Jake:  Design iterations?? This isn’t architecture school.]

[Heather:  Shush, these are manifestations of a ubiquitous typography grid.]

Ah, love.


As a reward for making it all the way to the end of this post (or for skipping down efficiently), and in honor of Halloween, here’s a bonus video to keep you away from doing work or having to speak to your loved ones for another few precious minutes: an iconic scene from Shaun of the Dead with a shockingly great use of musical accompaniment.

Nothing Mundane:  Terrible puns and awesome merchandise, from A to Zed.

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