A Universal Card For An Uncertain Universe

We have a new product, and at the risk of seeming hubristic, it is the greatest thing to ever exist in the world.

Behold: the Nothing Mundane Universal Card!

The Nothing Mundane Universal Card frees you from the shackles of dischoosing, putting you in the driver’s seat to self-realization.   It’s also perfect for figuratively all occasions, whether a birthday, wedding, valentine’s day, or Tuesday.  You can express every emotion that matters, betray humanity to the robots, and use pronouns – truly, the universe of human experience.

If you are like us, you are unable to plan for important dates more than zero days in advance.   Well, just buy a bunch of these babies (babies are traditionally sold in bunches), and rather than cop to forgetting your 25th anniversary, you can just claim you left the card in your desk – then return a conquering hero.  (Note: do not forget your 25th anniversary.)

But wait, there’s more!  To promote the universal card, we made an online Choose Your Own Adventure game.  It is short, absurd, and we guarantee (no we don’t) it will be worth the few minutes of your time it will take to complete.

Plus, we scattered baby animal pictures throughout because puppies.

Begin your adventure here!


State stamps

A while back we posted this wedding save-the-date stationeryThe stamps in that collection are cataloged in the wedding section of our store, but in reality, they are appropriate for far more occasions. They add the perfect touch to housewarming announcements, family reunion invitations, or for any correspondence where you want to show off your hometown pride. All you have to do is change the text, and voilà! a perfect stamp for any occasion. Make yours here.



State Invitations

These extremely customizable invitations (or save the dates) are perfect for a destination wedding.  Everything on the invitation can be customized, from the font to the color palette.  The following blue design is the default design in our store, and features a modern, clean design with a graffiti-influenced font.


All of the state invitations in our store look like the design above, but they can be customized in a myriad of ways.  It takes a little bit of work, but the final personalized result is well worth it. To get your creative juices flowing, check out the following invitation, a customized version that uses a more romantic font and a softer color palette.


There are so many ways to personalize these invitations that they can work for virtually any wedding style or theme.  Our store currently contains all 50 states, which can be found by searching the “Modern State” collection of our wedding section.

How to Customize Your Invitation

To customize the invitations, just click on the “customize it” button and use the design tools on the right of the page.  Everything can be personalized – the font, colors, orientation, etc.  Most things are fairly obvious after you hit the “customize it” button, but changing the background color is somewhat hidden and can be found under the “edit” button.  A basic design tutorial for Zazzle can be found here.